Availability, Booking & Pricing

We serve throughout Connecticut, Westchester County and Long Island (if a truck is available). We have traveled farther (please inquire).

Yes, we charge a travel fee for “Truck Travel Time” outside a 1 hour radius from our Fairfield location.

Click “Request A Date” or call (203) 334-0033

Our minimum charges are for up to 50 guests. If you have less than 35 we MAY be able to  accommodate you at a reduced rate if we have a truck available. Email or call to inquire.

For RSVPs over 50,  kids up to 10 years of age are counted 2 for 1. Normally we don’t allow young children to kick you into the next price bracket.

We will email you approximately a week before your date to go over any final details.

We do not require gratuity or build it into the price, but please, take into consideration the team working your event. If you feel the quality of their service was outstanding a 15% gratuity would be much appreciated.


We can operate in almost all weather conditions. We have awnings that extend off our trucks and we will safely get as   close as possible to your home, building or tent. But ultimately it is up to you.

Yes, we will accommodate you the best we can when conditions are not optimal. We can take your guests orders inside, and then deliver their food.

Yes, we will do our best to find a date that works for both of us.

We take cancellations on a case by case basis. In certain circumstances we don’t want to penalize our customers for sudden cancellations. Please call and discuss with John. Otherwise, deposits (minus a processing fee if applicable) will be returned if we are given 30 days notice before the day of your event.

Our Trucks & Set Up

We now have 5 trucks. They all are approximately 8 feet wide and range in length from 16 to 24  feet.

We will park in your yard if the driver determines it is firm and level enough to handle the weight of the truck. Please  confirm there are no parts of your septic system in the area, as well as any irrigation fixtures. IF YOU INSIST WE PARK ON YOUR YARD WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES! We would advise you to notify us beforehand if you plan for us to park in your yard.


Yes, please request before your date to ensure we have it available for your event.

 Yes, we offer our very popular Veggie Burger. We will also make available Veggie Dogs upon request.

Hummel Bros. in New Haven makes a special Extra Large beef & pork natural casing hot dog just for us. We do offer Hebrew National hot dogs upon request.

Please let us know if there are any allergies, dietary, or types of food restrictions we should be aware of. We do not use any nut products. Please call us with any specific questions or concerns.